Everyone Has Needs To Be Fulfilled

Growing tired of her boring sexless life Melanie allows one moment to turn into an escapade that she will remember forever and later yearn to repeat. She was alone on a business trip when she met an older businessman in a bar that had her hot from the moment his deep gravelly voice started chatting her up. He could tell she had not been with anyone for some time. He gently flirted with her even rubbing his hand on her thigh at one point which turned the temperature up in her secret spot that was beginning to get moist. He was mentioning to her how he needed to leave because he had a guest coming to his room around midnight.

Finding out they were both staying on the same floor the older businessman walked her to her room which just happened to be across the hall from his. He leaned in to kiss her as another man, that she would later find out was a prostitute, was approaching. As they continued to kiss he rubbed up between her thighs and then slowly backed off introducing her to his friend. She had assumed it was a woman he was meeting but she was dead wrong.

The businessman reminded her of how desperately she needed a dad in her life, invited her to join them and she did. She had never been with two men and it had always been on her bucket list of sexual future promises to herself to join two men. She watched as the businessman is pushed to his knees and how the other man lets his drawers fall to the floor. They signal her to join in and the older man has the prostitutes cock deep in his throat. She gently slides her tongue down below to gently lick his balls and takes one at a time gently into her mouth as the man begins to moan.

Before she knows it she is sitting watching the events unfolding and turning green with jealousy as these two men take turns entering each other’s hole leaving her to feel unfulfilled and alone. She stumbles out of the room and down the hall when she sees the door to a large suite is open and the music is cranked up loud. There are people coming and going and she decides to enter the room.

As she enters this very entertaining party a burly man sees her from across the room and doesn’t leave her time to think. He tells her to come with him and she follows. His muscles are large and he is nothing short of tall dark and handsome. Her panties which were once a tad wet are now soaking as he pushes her up against the wall and starts kissing her. He takes her over to the bed and pulls her panties off. He pushes her over the bed and tells her to put her ass high in the air because he needs to enter her tight little pussy.

In no time, his cock is ripping her box apart going in and out of her as hard as he can. He then takes his hand smacks her ass and slides his cock from her pussy into her ass. She has not had a cock in her ass in a very long time but she has wanted it so bad that the sensation is just making her body shake. As she is cumming all over the bed her asshole is being plugged with his white sauce that he won’t help her clean out. Her head is spinning and he stands her up, walks her to the door and tells her to leave. She walks out of the room feeling more fulfilled than she has in years and will yearn for this night to repeat itself again for the rest of her life.

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