Paddington Escorts Sex Excuses

Do you use excuses to get out of sex? When I had a day off from Paddington escorts the other week, I invited a few of my friends from Paddington escorts around for a Teddy Bear Picnic. We sat in my living room with our cuddly friends and talked about all sorts. Eventually, the subject matter strayed on to the topic of sex, our favorite topic, and we started to talk about excuses to get out of sex. There are times when we are all in a less than sexy frame of mind, and like to get out of sex, such is life for all of us at times. As a matter of fact, I think that men do it as well.

Most of my fellow Paddington escorts seemed to think that faking a headache, or actually having a headache, is a good excuse to get out of sex. That works for me as well. Sometimes when I come home from Paddington escorts after the graveyard shift, I am actually so tired that I have a headache. There is no way that I am going to be fancying sex, and

I just let my boyfriend know. I just want to take an aspirin, put my pyjama on and go to sleep. Most girls who work at London escorts can possibly relate to that feeling.

Of course, saying that you have a belly ache is another firm favorite amongst London escorts. A lot of women use this as an excuse to get out of sex as well. Personally, I don’t suffer from belly aches a lot, but I do know that many of my colleagues at Paddington escorts do. Sometimes, depending on my cycle, I get totally rampant and find that I need sex more. My boyfriend says that he finds me really hard work during certain times of the month. Well, men don’t have cycles in the same way as we ladies do, but they do have to put up with us.

Just general feeling blue can be another no sex excuse. I do on occasion get the blues. My boyfriend always says he knows when asa I get my adult color book out, and sit there and color. I am actually a bit of color book addict, and at quiet times at Paddington escorts, I get my book out as well. It is pure therapy for the soul, and I think that we should all have adult color books to help us relax.

All Paddington escorts at my Teddy Bear’s Picnic had a plethora of excuses for not wanting to have sex. The thing is, men are ready to have sex quicker and more often than women. It is just a fact of life, and it is best to recognize that. Fighting against it can seriously damage your relationship, and put extra pressure on your life. Do you really need that? I don’t think you do, and it is best to allow your libido ebb and flow naturally. You will be able to enjoy your sex life so much more than you do that. That is my humble opinion anyway.

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