I thought she is my best friend but I found out she was my boyfriend’s other woman: London Escorts

In life, if you found a best friend that will always be there for you, you are lucky. When you have someone who understands your feelings and acts like your sister is everything. When she is the one you only trust and a shoulder to lean according to London Escorts from https://charlotteaction.org/. That during your dark and problems in life, she is always there to offer help. She is a fantastic woman, and I’m proud that she’s my best friend. We met each other at school and became the best friend since elementary. We have the same beliefs and understanding, that’s why it’s easy for us to grow close. She is the funny girl that you will always look for to make your day complete. She is my wonder woman that will still be there to protect me. She would stand for me and fight people who bully and belittle me. We have our world and don’t care about people around us. We always do what we like to do. We love going out twinning clothes or be the badass on the street. She makes me believe that true friendship lasts forever. And that was a thought and a mistake. We have goals in life and achieve it together. Most our time we spend it together since we are single and we only have each other according to London Escorts. But it was before I met a guy, He is Andrew, cool and handsome. We have known each other at the club and started to communicate. I haven’t told my best friend about it because I plan to surprise her. Andrew is so gentleman and makes me fall in love with him. He was a guy that will do everything for you. We spare time with each other like eating dinner or sometimes going to a coffee shop since we both love coffee too. As time passed by, we committed to each other according to London Escorts. I have finally introduced her to my best friend, and I think she was happy for me. Every date of us she was there, sometimes there is no privacy between us, but that’s okay she is my best friend. She is also close with Andrew, and they hang out too. I had never put any malice between them until I found out Andrew’s cell phone there pictures are sweet together. They also even have a photo kissing each other at a club. It’s the most painful feeling when both of your love took advantage of me and betrayed. Never in my dreams to think about it but it all happened now and accepted. No matter how sorry they are to me it doesn’t matter, I thought she is my best friend, but I found out she was my boyfriend’s, another woman.

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