You’re Not Boring, Don’t Do Boring Dates

Some people are born creative, grow up creative and end up dating and eventually marrying other creative people, and so the cycle continues. For the rest of us, it can be a real pain trying to think of something really different to do for a date. Here are a few frisky options that could get you a little special attention later, just for being different and spontaneous– a trait admired by both sexes said by the girls from Covent Garden Escorts of


Invite your date to an art exhibit or an art gallery. Don’t just think you can take him or her to any art gallery either. Visit a number of galleries on your own and select the one that you feel your date would enjoy the most said by the girls from Covent Garden Escorts. When you and your date visit, you’ll have ideas about things to discuss and you’ll seem very thoughtful for scoping out a date spot in advance. Art is very sexually inspiring.


Do something physical outdoors such as canoeing, kayaking, rafting or paddle-boarding. This is double-win scenario in the fact that you can display your physical prowess, coordination and your partner can have a chance to bare some skin and give off a little show said by the girls from Covent Garden Escorts. Guys might be lucky here and get to see what their dates look like in a bikini or something similar. Don’t be a creep and if you look, don’t feast. Maintain the confidence that you expect to get a better view later.


Get a video recording going on your phone or on another type of video camera. It doesn’t have to be a porn or anything that… but who knows, if it goes that way, maybe it’s alright with her permission. The point is to be doing fun things together in a way that will make both of you feel more relaxed and comfortable with each other said by the girls from Covent Garden Escorts. This will lead to a level of comfort that could get very physical. If the camera is still rolling and some other things start to happen, you didn’t just break the ice, you melted that sucker too!


Dinner and a movie? Cup of coffee? Walk on the beach? No, not anymore. Show the person you’ve asked out that you have bigger and better plans for them than just the typical boring cliches we’ve all heard so much of already said by the girls from Covent Garden Escorts. Do something different as much as possible so you have real stories and memories to look back on later.

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