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A lot has been written about fizzy drinks recently. They are said to be bad for us and may even interfere with our libido. But is it really the fizz in the drinks that interferes with our sex lives? A Cheap London Escorts friend of mine says that her boyfriend drinks a lot of fizzy drinks and his libido keeps on getting worse. Is it the fizzy drinks which is causing libido problems or is it something else? Most Cheap London Escorts from are quite health aware so it might just interest them to find out what it actually going on when we drink fizzy drink. –

Fizzy drinks are getting a lot of bad publicity at the moment. But the fact, is that it is not the carbonated water, it is the sugars and the sweeteners they contain. I told my Cheap London Escorts Friends that it is well known that young girls who drink a lot of fizzy drink do actually start their puberty earlier. So, what does it mean? It means that fizzy drinks can upset the hormonal balance, and this is why some young girls start puberty earlier. I said to my Cheap London Escorts friends that it can even affect them even though they are adult ladies.

So what is the magic ingredient that cause all the problems? Surprise, surprise it is not the fizz but it is an artificial sweetener called Aspartame. As a matter of fact, Aspartame can cause all sort of health problems. I told my Cheap London Escorts friends that it is associated with skin break outs and it can perhaps even interfere with the way the Pill works as it raises the level of the hormone estrogen. Most if my Cheap London Escorts friends were not aware that Aspartame can interfere with hormonal levels, and of course hormone levels affect our libido.

So can Aspartame affect erectile function? The simple truth is that this is one nasty little artificial sweetener which can seriously upset your hormonal system. A Female Cheap London Escort may notice there estrogen levels rising, but male Cheap London Escorts may notice their testosterone levels falling. It is kind of frightening and I do wonder if there should be a warning on the bottle. Personally I believe that it is vital that we know what we put into our bodies, and we shouldn’t just leave eating and drinking to chance. The problem is though that a lot of manufacturers are not very keen on telling us about some of the harmful effects of some of their products.

Should food packaging and soft drinks packaging have warning labels? I think that some food packaging should have warning labels and we should be made aware of the dangers. Aspartame is just as likely to cause tooth damage as sugar but Stevia, a natural sweetener, does not. Mothers of young children do need to be aware and we all should. All of those E numbers on food are actually parabens. Parabens are petro chemical products and are now associated with many health problems. The best thing is to eat well and be aware at all times.

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